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Our contribution

Convexa provides entrepreneurs specific competence and experience in building successful technology companies through every step of the value chain.


The ability to assist the companies through all phases becomes more and more important since the lead time from a local start-up to scaling internationally steadily becomes shorter. We have an established network in Scandinavia, Europe and the United States of America.




Convexa normally makes between 2-6 new investments per year.

During the entry phase we have active and intense discussions with management around the proposed business concept, market and distribution strategies and fund raising issues. The entry phase consists of two main activities: (1) Due Diligence; commercial, technical, legal and accounting , (2) Negotiations; valuation, term sheet negotiation and closing documents.

business development

We aim to be a partner to entrepreneurs and their teams during the development of their young companies. We understand the needs of companies facing the challenges of strong growth and can offer new prospects through our network and investment portfolio. Rapid, scalable growth situations require a strong and active ownership focus with frequent interaction and a strong partnership with management.


Convexa has a proven exit track record through our nordic and global corporate network and experience with financial market dynamics we assist with processes related to the right opportunity for partnerships, strategic Mergers & Acquisitions, strategic sale or Initial Public Offering.

The team

Convexa normally assist with:

  • Know-how to go international: help to build a platform for growth, operational efficiency tools, corporate governance frameworks, recruiting of top-tier executives and implementation of global best practices.


  • Network expansion: Convexa possesses a network of corporate relationships throughout the world due to our venture capital history an can assist in establishing relationships with potential customers, partners and talented executives. In early stage of a business we can assist in getting partner and technology verification from international renowned partners. This may create a “technology breakthrough” for the Company.

  • Financial capabilities: we have a strong track-record in corporate finance and M& A-activities and for taking companies public (IPO). We assist in securing efficient funding in domestic and global markets from venture capital and investment banks.

  • Strategic planning: we assist the companies in building viable business plans through in-depth analysis and work-shops.

  • High energy level/creativity: through proactive board membership we help to foster creativity and enthusiasm in our portfolio companies. Our own slogan, "making it happen" implies that we demand as much energy of ourselves as we do of the founders and executives of our portfolio companies.



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