Convexa has broad investment experience from the Nordics and the US.

Selected Current Investments

Kalera (USA) - a science and technology-driven company dedicated to growing the very best, clean, safe, healthy, tasty greens and herbs locally in controlled environments. Kalera´s vertical hydroponic farms use semiconductor based cleanroom technology, advanced plant science, IoT, AI and big data analytics to create perfect conditions for growing a wide variety of lettuces.

Mezonic (Norway) – develops polymer products for international enterprise and consumer markets.

Plant PV (USA) - develops new materials and device architectures that use less silver and increase the power conversion of silicon cells.

ConRobotix (Norway) – robotics for the construction industry combining advanced mechanical solutions, flexible and user friendly user interface, software and AI/machine learning.

Selected Past Investments

Confluence Solar, Inc.(California) - premium quality single crystal silicon substrates Acquired by GT Advanced Technologies Inc.

Innovalight (California) - silicon ink-based printed solar cells, nano-materials Acquired by DuPont

Solar Implant Technologies (California) - low temperature ion implantation Acquired by Intevac Inc.

Wirescan (Norway) - provides solutions for fault location and real-time condition monitoring of cables Sold shareholding to Siemens

The Badger Explorer (Norway) - new method/device for hydrocarbon exploration Initial Public Offering

AxxessIT (Norway) - Integrated Access Devices and Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms for next generation access and metro networks. Initial Public Offering, therafter acquired by Ericsson through a public cash tender

Metamerge (Norway) – integration middleware technology for the identity information integration, directory integration and meta-directory markets. Acquired by IBM corporation

Apptix (Norway/Florida) - automation software for delivery of outsourced applications and web services. Initial Public offering, demerger

Consorte Tele (Norway) - leading software Intelligent Network supplier for handling advanced large volume incoming telephony Initial Public Offering

Telecomputing (Norway) - provider of applications delivery and computing services that extend from the server to the desktop/client Initial Public Offering